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Clovelly, NSW

Clovelly, NSW

When the current owner purchased this federation style house in Clovelly, it was renovated to suit their personal needs. The front of the house has been kept with the traditional facade, while the back of the house was opened up to accommodate an open plan living area to meet the needs of modern family living and entertaining. The client’s main concern was dealing with the multiple levels through the property and creating privacy from the neighbouring block of units.

To create a level and welcoming entry through the large front garden, lawn was laid and a queue of Australian white sandstone steppers guide you to the home. A Spotted Gum deck lines the veranda and carries the same level from the entrance, around the house and continues to the rear veranda.

The front garden was designed to complement the original fa├žade, ornamental Pear trees were used on the southern boundary to provide the garden with a change of season, while the Magnolias on the northern boundary were chosen for their evergreen leaves, huge white flowers and ability to screen the neighbours. Gardenias, Agapanthus and Star Jasmine were chosen to provide flower and scent upon arrival. The front fence creates particular interest with singular posts rising out of the ground and espalier bougainvillea trained to stainless steel wires.

In the rear garden a sunken deck creates a private lounge area complete with a lush garden. When planting, a layered approach was taken to provide depth, interest, lushness and privacy. Almost all plant material selected activates ones’ senses with beautiful flowers and aromas. The custom designed fire pit makes the garden enjoyable all year round, and has been a particular winner in this private escape.

Photography by: Murray Fredericks